I met Bruce about 8 years ago. He came out to repair my furnace that a previous company couldn’t fix without tearing down my wall. I used him because of a referral from a friend, plus I wanted a second opinion. Bruce fixed the problem the previous company couldn’t do. He didn’t tear down the wall and it also was only a fraction of the cost. Ever since then I’ve been loyal to Bruce often referring friends to his company. I have not heard one unsatisfied friend with Bruce. Over the years he had replaced the furnace on my home and my rentals. He also have serviced the water heaters on couple of my rentals. My tenants tells me that Bruce is very professional, quick and super friendly. The best thing about Bruce and his company is that he answers all my calls including weekends, cause sometime a water heater leak or no heat in the winter can be stressful. One time he even walked me through how to do a simple fix on a water heater over the phone. He didn’t even charge me for that. I don’t do many praises of businesses but it seems like this one is long overdue, albeit 8 years late.

ps. I had water leak this morning. I called Bruce. He answered the phone and told me he will take care of it. Thank you Bruce