Heat Pump Repair In Kent, Maple Valley, Renton, WA, And Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Repair & Heat Pump Inspection In Kent, Maple Valley, Renton, Auburn, Federal Way, Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Tacoma, Bonney Lake, Covington, Des Moines, New Castle, Washington, and Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Repair In Kent, WA

Perhaps the most common issue when it comes to heat pumps is nothing else than failures caused by a miscalibrated or malfunctioning thermostat. Things like wrong wiring, or having your heat pump installed by an incompetent technician can all wreak havoc to your system. If you’re searching for top-notch heat pump repair in Kent, Maple Valley, Renton, WA, and surrounding areas, give our team a call today!

For better or worse, the list of potential problems doesn’t stop there. Tripped circuit breakers, or power supply problems are far too common. In such cases, the unit cannot find a way to connect to its intended power source. Thankfully you’ve stumbled upon the best local HVAC company. Here at Precision Air Services, we want to become your trusted comfort advisor for many years on end. If you’re facing any of the above issues, get in touch with us and we’ll make it disappear in no time, while ensuring that your system is operating at optimal efficiency.

Heat Pumps 101

Buying a heat pump in our day and age is a commonplace practice and provides an excellent alternative to furnaces and air conditioners alike. This system controls the temperature by manipulating hot air, typically moving it from one location to another. As a result, the system can be used for both heating and cooling. What happens though when it stops working out of the blue? Heat transfer is a complex process, whereby a specialized compressor disseminates a refrigerant.

With the help of condensation and cycling evaporation, a heat pump manages to achieve the right temperature distribution in a reliable way. If you want to take advantage of a “two birds, one stone” scenario, then having a dependable heat pump is your best option, and having a knowledgeable specialized contractor to help is guaranteed to safeguard you from malfunctions and energy inefficiencies!

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